Life in the UK test contains 24 questions based on the 3rd Edition handbook – “A guide for new residents”. It covers chapters such as British government, society and everyday life in Britain.  You will have to pass the Life in the United Kingdom test to successfully apply for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain. The new version of this examination was introduced in October 2013 and allows you 45 minutes to answer all 24 multiple choice questions, you have to give 18 correct answers to pass (75%).

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The purpose of Life in the UK test is for migrants to demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of Life in the UK and English language. Only individuals that fall in the 18-64 age bracket will have to pass the test, which costs £50 to book. This is the reason we created this website to make your preparation easier using our high quality practice questions and make you pass first time in 2014. Practice mode is a selection of 24 random questions out of our database of 1000+ questions. After selecting your answer you will get an option to check your answer to see if it’s correct or not.  When you finish practicing you can simply start using our free Life in the UK tests. There will not be an option to check your answer straight after your selection but you will get a full report at the end. We also made it easier for all android users to study for the Life in the UK test.

  • Our questions are based on all 5 chapters of the official handbook. Everything is constantly updated to make sure you pass your test first time in 2014.
  • You can prepare assured that we will not charge you a penny. Unlimited practice makes us the No. 1 resource to complete Life in the UK tests.
  • You can simply use our “Check” button to see if the answer you had selected was in fact correct/incorrect. You will also get a final report at the end.
  • Just like the official examination you will get 45 minutes to complete it. You shouldn’t require any more time after preparing using our practice mode.
  • 75% is the same as 18 correct answers. Make sure you are getting more to guarantee yourself a pass. Our practice tests tend to be hard.
  • You can rest assured because our Life in the UK tests are based on the latest handbook -”Journey to citizenship:A guide for new residents”, valid in 2014.

Alternatively, you can prepare for Life in the UK test online with . You will be able to access over 40 tests based on the latest handbook – Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents.